March 7, 2021

Active Wear Outfits That Should Be On Your Radar

There are so many awesome active wear outfits that are trending right now that you need to be aware of! As a college student myself, it's important that my active wear outfits are cute, comfortable, and affordable. Whether you're working-out from home or you like to run or if you go to gym, these fitness outfits are perfect for you. If I'm being totally honest, I love wearing active wear even if I'm just running an errand or going grocery shopping! Who doesn't like a comfortable but cute outfit that makes your butt look good?!

This post is all about active wear outfits.

Purchase HERE for $26.00

Every gal needs a neutral set like this one! It's cute, it's comfy and you can wear any colour with it since it's a nude colour. It also has a long-sleeve top which is perfect for jogging in the mornings (since it can get chilly!).

Purchase HERE for $68.00

These shorts are a little on the pricy side, but they are made out of the best material. For Summer 2021, I'm loving pastel colours like this blue, so this is a great option to purchase as active wear!

Purchase HERE for $8.00

This is a super cute and unique top to put over your sports bra to keep your upper body covered and warm before you actually start working out. It is also on a super insane sale right now, so it's super affordable! 

Purchase HERE for $18.00

If you don't have leggings with pockets, you are missing out big time! Not only are these workout leggings comfy, but they're actually functional. I don't know how many times I've realized how helpful the pockets are (especially when you're hiking and don't want to be holding your phone).

Purchase HERE for $51.00

Do you have a gal pal that you work out with to keep each other accountable? Well this is a super cute package of two active wear sets you can buy to look like twinsies! It would also make for a super cute photo at the gym together!

Purchase HERE for $75.00

This is a bit of a pricier piece, but it is SO worth it! This Revolve crewneck is the perfect outer layer before working out while you're on your way to the gym or class you're going to! This could also double as a crew you could wear them jeans and some vans as an every day, comfy outfit! You could definitly catch me in clothes like this while going to class in college!

Purchase HERE for $66.00

This is (again) a little pricier as well, but in the end, you get what you pay for! The material of this sport's bra is amazing and you can also purchase the matching leggings to complete the set! This is the perfect active wear set for workouts in the Summer!

Purchase HERE for $12.00

This fleece hoodie is awesome for outer wear on top of your sports bra! It's also cropped so you can show off that six pack you've been working on! I'm not sure why, but there's something about wearing a cropped hoodie with high waisted leggings that makes me feel confident AF!

Purchase HERE for $145.00

These running shoes are absolutely BALLER! These Nike Air Maxes are comfy and have a ton of support for your feet and ankles. They're also black and white which can go with any colour active wear, so you can wear them with anything! They are pretty expensive, but they will last you a long time!

Purchase HERE for $35.00

Everyone knows GymShark is a great brand to buy active wear from! They make their active wear trendy, but functional! If you're looking for a safe bet to buy your first active wear set, I definitely recommend trying out GymShark first, you won't regret it! This product is just the sport's bra, but you can also buy the matching leggings as seen in the photo!

Purchase HERE for $98.00

If you love pink, you NEED this set. Nothing is more fun than wearing a bright active wear set like this one. I'm also in love with this biker short trend! It's perfect for those hot summer days when leggings are too much! Although this set seems expensive, it's actually a pretty descent price since it comes with both the biker shorts and the sports bra together!

Purchase HERE for $23.00

These reflective leggings from JoeFresh are the comfiest leggings ever! They're also really great for running and since they're black, you can pair it with a cute sports bra that has a pop of colour!

Purchase HERE for $44.00

This belt bag is the perfect active wear accessory for someone who loves hiking, running or even walking as a part of their workout routine! You can keep your hands free but still can carry the essentials!

Purchase HERE for $78.00

This sports bra is super unique and insanely comfortable, but you do pay for it lol! It's on the pricier side, but is literally one of the coolest backs of a sports bra I've ever seen! I also am loving the blue vibes! You can (of course) purchase the matching leggings as well to complete the set!

Purchase HERE for $14.00

These leggings are a super budget friendly option to start your active wear collection (haha that rhymed!). You can also pair it with the long sleeved crop in the picture above, which would be perfect for the cooler mornings or evenings when you decide to go for your run! These leggings are also made to specifically make your butt look good, so who doesn't want these?!

Happy shopping friends! While writing this post, I may have bought a bunch of active wear outfits myself haha! Now that we have a home gym, I'm really leaning into the whole active wear trend, and you can too! If you buy any of these pieces, tag me on IG, I'd love to share them!

This post is all about active wear outfits.