December 4, 2020

Gift Guide: For the Homebody

The homebody is a very special person to shop for and it's important you get them gifts that they will actually appreciate and use at home! We all have a few people in our lives that we would deem "homebodies" and if you don't, then it's probably you! Since I know many homebodies, this gift guide was important to make! Also, it's important to note these gifts are curated for women and each gift is clickable (which takes you write to the product page). If you have any more gifts I should add to this, please leave a comment below! Enjoy!

Faux-Fur Throw Blanket: a cozy and stylish throw blanket is perfect for the gal in your life who works from home

Hidden-Message Candle: as the candle burns, it reveals a secret hidden message; a unique gift for someone that’s always spending time at home

Kindle Reader: every homebody knows the joy of curling up on the couch and reading a book at the end of the work day

Homebody by Rupi Kaur: everyone loved Rupi Kaur's "Milk and Honey" and this new book is her new collection of poetry; this is a great gift for someone who loves to read poetry

Cozy Reading Socks: these cozy, high socks are the perfect addition to a cozy evening reading or watching your favourite Christmas movie

Artsy Mug & Socks Bundle: this adorable little bundle comes with an aesthetic mug and some cute socks inside as well

Wooden Bath Board: this is for your gal pal who loves to take baths regularly and wants a cool accessory that allows for more functional baths

Hardcover Journal: this aesthetic journal would be great for taking notes or to use as an everyday journal, but regardless is great for any homebody

Cozy Hot Water Bottle Cover: pretty much every woman uses a hot water bottle at least once a month (if you know what I mean), so this cover will be put to good use!

Faux-Fur Ivory Slippers: these cozy slippers are a staple for winter 2020 and they will definitely be put to use (especially if they WFH)

Essential Oil Diffuser: while being at home, it’s always nice to be able to have different scents circulate around the house like lavender, eucalyptus, etc.

Aztec Healing Clay Mask: this clay mask when viral on tik tok for being the most underrated masks on amazon (I highly recommend it!)

Satin Pajama Set: satin pajamas are so comfy and stylish and so easy to stay in the whole day while at home on the weekend

Aesthetic Cheese Board: this is a great gift for charcuterie lover homebodies specifically; it’s always nice to be able to make your own cheese board at home

Monogram Water Bottle: a good sized water bottle is great for people who spend a lot of time at home; hydration is important

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