October 9, 2020

My Favourite Outfits and Trends for Fall 2020

Fall weather has slowly started to roll in, which means we're switching out our summer clothes for our fall clothes! I'm going to admit this right now, I love fall clothes! Fall clothes is cozy sweaters, cute toques and gloves, knee high boots, the leaves changing colour, and it's not cold enough that you would need to wear a winter jacket out yet (on most days!). All of the outfits below are linked below each photo so you can shop! Happy Fall!

Outfit Links:

Leopard Cardigan  //  Black Turtleneck //  Blue Jeans  // Black Boots  //

These black knee-high boots have been my go-to for every fall season. I stole this leopard cardigan from my mom's closet and loved it so much that I ordered one for myself! This whole outfit is warm, stylish and still very comfortable for all the fun fall festivities.

Outfit Links:

Velvet Skirt  //  Beige Sweater  //  Beige Purse  //  Black Watch  //

This suede orange skirt, paired with a cream shirt or sweater is the perfect fall colour scheme for a walk in the park, a dinner/lunch date or even to go walk your dog through your neighbourhood! I love pairing a good high-waisted velvet skirt with sweaters to create different outfits; I have another skirt just like this orange one but in grey!

Outfit Links:

Jean Skirt  //  Grey Sweater  //  Grey Hat  // Black Leggings  // Black Boots  //

This is the perfect outfit for the transition of summer to fall! I love experimenting with hats with some of my outfit, especially for fall. This sailor hat is the perfect accessory to pair that a grey sweater or even grey boots to tie your outfit together!

Outfit Links:

Black Turtleneck  //  Plaid Pants  //  Beige Purse // Black Boots  //

This is the perfect office fall look for work or even a professional dinner/lunch with clients. These pants are super comfortable and go well with a black turtleneck. This can also be a great transition outfit for the beginning of fall before the temperatures get too cold, but if it is cold, you can add a brown or black leather jacket for another layer.

Outfit Links:

Black Jacket  // Black Leggings  //  Leopard Scarf  //  Grey Leg-Warmers  // Black Boots  //

I'm bringing the leg-warmers back! This is one of the more cozier fall outfits I wear on days that it's a little colder and I'm spending more time outside. The leg-warmers add some different texture to the outfit and look great with heeled boots!

Well those are my five favourite outfits for Fall 2020 and although I'm not going to school in-person, I still love getting ready every morning in a nice fall outfit to run errands or even go for a walk around the neighbourhood! If you have any questions about any of the clothing like sizing or comfort level you can email me or leave a comment below!

Happy Fall!