July 27, 2021

Our Engagement Story

We're engaged!!! After dating for almost four years, Logan proposed to me at Sparkling Hill Resort on June 30th, 2021. Logan and I (plus our Remi kitty) live in Calgary, AB but we visit Kelowna frequently because my parents live there! On our way driving into the Okanagan, we decided to stay at Sparkling Hill for the night before going to my parent's house. Logan and I have been going to Sparkling Hill throughout our whole relationship; we always loved the way it was a relaxing reset when things in our lives felt stressful from university and the long distance. For those of you who don't know, Logan and I were long distance for 2.5 years until I was able to move to Calgary to live with him. So Sparkling Hill always has had a special place in our hearts, and always will.

We drove into Sparkling Hill and when we got to our room, we immediately put on our robes and slippers so we could get down to the pools! This day was 44ºC. No that's not a typo, it was literally 44ºC and the Okanagan was on a major heat-wave warning. So we lounged in the pools for a couple hours before going back to our rooms to get ready for dinner! We went downstairs and had a great dinner at the PeakFine restaurant. After dinner, I wanted to get some photos for my blog/Instagram on their large deck, so I brought my iPhone tripod so we could get some cute photos together on a timer. We took a few photos (with me setting the timer before each photo) and then Logan went over to the phone and "set a timer" for the next picture, but actually started a video and got down on one knee (jeez I'm tearing up writing this remembering that day).

When Logan opened the ring box, I had no words. It was always a fear of mine that my future husband wouldn't get the ring I wanted, but oh my gosh, Logan knew. The ring was absolutely perfect, the look and the story behind it. The ring was actually a family heirloom that my great great grandma wore, and then my great grandma wore, and now I'm wearing it. Since the ring was almost 100 years old, Logan replaced the main diamond to make sure it was absolutely perfect for me. I was shocked and so touched about the amount of effort that went into this ring. The fact that the ring has so much sentimental value and was absolutely gorgeous, it was the perfect engagement ring. Logan did so good!

After the proposal, I was just a waterfall of happy tears. When we walked back into the hotel from the deck, we got a huge applause from everyone who was watching from the windows (yes I turned bright red lol). And, throughout the rest of our stay at the resort, we had people coming up to us to stay congratulations and chat about the beautiful proposal. Logan and I spent the rest of that evening hanging out by the pool to watch a stunning sunset and then celebrating with some bubbly at the Java snack bar. It was the best day.

Now let the wedding planning begin!