September 5, 2020

5 Podcasts You Should Binge Listen If You're A Blogger

Podcasts have grown rapidly over the past year and it's taking over the game! If you're not listening to them yet, you're missing out. I've learned so much since I've started listening to them, from self care routines to building up my business to insight on social media algorithms. The best thing about podcasts is you can do other things while listening to them, so if you haven't given the sport of podcasting a try and you're in the blogging space, I'd recommend starting with these five!

1. The Goal Digger Podcast with Jenna Kutcher

Jenna talks about all the things I'm passionate about and eager to learn when it comes to social media and building my business. Specifically, I listen to her podcast to hear some amazing Instagram growth tips that she uses to grow her account with over 855k followers on her Instagram account with incredible engagement on every photo. If you're a blogger, this podcast will inspire the heck out of you in so many different ways! You can thank me later after you listen! I listen to this while I'm writing blog posts, and doing anything creative.

Check Out The Podcast: @GoalDiggerPodcast // The Goal Digger Podcast

2. The Influencer Podcast with Julie Solomon

This one is a game changer when it comes to talking about influencer marketing on different social media domains. I listen to this one religiously since they cover a range of topics surrounding blogging, social media and creativity. They also have some really awesome guests on the podcast who bring great ideas about entrepreneurship and Instagram influencing. I listen to this one while I'm getting ready, putting on my makeup and doing my hair.

Check Out The Podcast: @JulsSolomon // The Influencer Podcast

3. What Day Is It Podcast with PLAY Digital (Bailey Stanworth & Jacci Rai)

This podcast is hosted by these two besties from Vancouver (where I'm from) and I love listening them talk about relatable problems as well as how to prioritize different life events and lots more biz topics! This podcast I love listening to on my drives through my bluetooth speaker in my car on the way to school on some days!  

Check Out The Podcast: @WhatDayIsItPodcast // What Day Is It Podcast

4. Self-Care Sunday with Kaylee Reed

On Sundays we lay in bed and listen to the Self-Care Sunday podcast! This is the PERFECT podcast to start listening to as a new and budding entrepreneur or if you're looking to learn more about mental health and as Kaylee says in her podcast bio to know "what it means to take care of yourself as a woman in the digital age." Kaylee herself is an influencer and entrepreneur who has some amazing insight into influencer marketing and all things self care for todays age.

Check Out The Podcast: @SelfCareSunday // Self Care Sunday

5. Youtube Creators Hub

This podcast is definitely different than the others I've listed, but I personally have been in the blogging space for so long that I love to learn more about Youtube! I love video editing and filming, so it's always great to learn more about youtube and how to grow an account on there! This podcast isn't a podcast I listen to every single day per say, but I do listen when I need some creative juices to start flowing about video content and building up my youtube channel!

Check Out The Podcast: Youtube Creators Hub Podcast