February 15, 2021

17 Genius Cleaning Hacks You Wish You Knew Sooner

Cleaning your dorm, apartment, or house can seem daunting at first, but these cleaning hacks will allow you to clean on a budget and can be fun even! I use a lot of common household products for cleaning such as vinegar (vinegar is a life-changer in the cleaning world, seriously!). These cleaning hacks took lots of time and research to learn, but I’m giving you them all here and you’ll know them within minutes! 

If you have a dust allergy, these are even more important! End the constant sneezing and stuffy nose from the dust by using some of these cleaning hacks! It will make your life easier and more enjoyable!

This post is all about cleaning hacks.

cleaning hacks

  1. Start at the Top

A rookie mistake that many people make is they walk into a room and clean whatever they want in no particular order. But a huge cleaning tip is to start cleaning from the top and work your way down in every room. If you think about it, you don’t want to clean the floors before you dust the table or the walls or all the dust will fall onto newly clean floors! Don’t make more work for yourself and follow this simple, yet important cleaning hack!

  1. Buff Buff Buff!

Do you find that every time you clean, you leave streaks? Here’s your incredibly easy fix! When you wipe something down with a wet cloth, such as glass or your countertops, make sure to wipe it down with a dry cloth after! This is what prevents those streaks and keeps everything looking squeaky clean. 

  1. Microfiber Cloths

These are a life-change in the cleaning world! To make sure you clean everything spotless and for things to actually look and feel clean, you need to get yourself some these! Luckily, this is a very affordable and budget friendly cleaning hack! 

You can purchase microfiber cloths HERE

  1. Dawn Dish Soap & Vinegar

This is a miracle combo to clean any hard water off any stainless steel or glass! This is the perfect cleaning solution for glass shower doors or sinks to make them look shiny and brand new! Spray the solution of dish soap and vinegar on your glass or stainless steel and leave it for 10 minutes, then wipe off! Don’t forget to buff with a dry cloth after to get the desired effects.

  1. Glass Cloths

I hadn't heard of these clothes until a friend told me about them, but they are awesome for cleaning glass (obviously, hence the name). When you're cleaning glass, use a wet microfiber cloth and use the glass cloth as the dry buffer! You’ll be amazing with the difference these make!

You can purchase glass cloths HERE

  1. SOS Pads

These are amazing when it comes to stove tops, cleaning pots and pans, countertops, and any soap scum. With their rough service, they can work miracles! You need these to be apart of your cleaning checklist! 

You can purchase SOS pads HERE 

  1. Mr. Clean

This stuff is seriously a Godsend! We use Mr. Clean for everything –including countertops, floors, walls, literally everything because it’s just a simple, but amazing disinfectant! Make sure to dilute the Mr. Clean with some water so it’s not as harsh and it will last longer. This stuff is also very budget friendly and is such an easy solution for cleaning for anyone, including my favourite group of people, college students!

You can purchase Mr. Clean HERE

  1. Toilet Bowl Cleaner 

This also needs to be an essential part of your cleaning supplies! You can get this anywhere, including the dollar store and on Amazon. Cleaning your toilets regularly with a good cleaner avoids any stains or grime that builds up, which in-turn is less work in the long run!

  1. Magic Erasers 

This cleaning hack literally helps you clean anything! Magic erasers are amazing for cleaning grime or scuff marks off of anything in your home. These can even work for items in the home that you use often, like a phone case! Magic erasers can even fight permanent marker on surfaces, they are literally superheroes!

  1. Use A Vacuum for Blinds

You would be so surprised how much dust accumulates on blinds that cover your windows! If you’re allergic to dust (which many people are), this cleaning hack is a must for you especially! If you can take your vacuum apart, use the handheld to gently suck up the dust build up on your blinds!

  1. Deep Clean Your Hairbrush(es)

This is a big one for me, I never realized that I had never cleaned my hairbrush before! Grab a big bowl and put some dawn dish soap in with some warm water. Pull as much hair as you can out of the hairbrush and plop it into the solution and let it sit for a little while. You seriously don’t want to know the amount of gunk that gets trapped in your hairbrush that you just keep putting back in your hair over and over again.

  1. Clean Your Baseboards

Your baseboards are supposed to be a shiny, clean white but if we leave them for too long, they collect dust quickly! Use some Mr. Clean and dilute it with water and run a wet cloth along them!

  1. Pillow Hack For Your Ceiling Fan(s)

The crappy thing about cleaning ceiling fans is that as you wipe them, all the dust falls to the floor. Instead, use a pillow case and wipe it down so that all of the dust falls into the case! That way you have a clean ceiling fan and no extra clean up for the dust that would have fallen on the floor! 

  1. Clean Your Mattress But Make it Fun

If you have some kiddos, you can ask them to help with this one, or this could be a fun moment to have with your S/O! Rip off all the layers and sheets off the bed and throw them in the wash. Then jump on the bed! Yes, you heard me right. Jumping on the bed brings all the dust up from the mattress. After the jumping, vacuum the dust that has resurfaced on the top of the mattress!

  1. Lampshade Cleaning With A Lint Roller 

Dust collects like crazy in lampshades and although they can be difficult to clean, using a lint roller can fix this problem! Lint Rollers are great for cleaning lint off of clothes, but they are also amazing for cleaning objects that are difficult using anything else! This is definitely a cleaning hack you can’t forget!

  1. Clean Carpet Stains With Vodka

This genius cleaning hack has surfaced over the past year or so online and I can say it definitely works with certain stains in carpets! Use a cloth and soak some vodka into it, place it in the stain and hold for several minutes. Repeat this as many times as you need to until the stain is gone! 

  1. Clean Your Shower-head With Vinegar

Take off your shower-head and soak it in a bowl of watered-down vinegar! The amount of grime and grossness that you’ll see in the bucket will honestly scare you. So try to do this once every month or so!

I hope you enjoyed these super helpful and genius cleaning hacks! I know as a college student, cleaning can be daunting if you’ve never really done it before. Use these cleaning tips and tricks to help kickstart your cleaning checklist! These are all especially helpful and important if you’re allergic to dust, since dust can build up so quickly and in the sneakiest places! I hope this helps!

cleaning schedule

This post is all about cleaning hacks.