October 6, 2019

Having a Five Course Meal in the Middle of an Apple Orchard

I was invited to an event called Taste The Orchard that was put on by BC Tree Fruits in one of the many apple orchards in the Okanagan. When we arrived at the event, I got to reconnect and catch up with my favourite local bloggers and influencers from Kelowna. Since I was in Calgary the whole summer, this was my first time seeing most of them since I've been back, so it was really nice! We then all walked down to where the apple orchard starts and I couldn't believe my eyes, the set up was stunning. The first thing I saw was the beautiful table that was set up inside the apple orchard, with hanging lights, it was like a Pinterest post came to life! And then I looked the other way, and I saw a beautiful, modern looking tent setup with comfy chairs and it also looked like it came right off of my pointers page too! These luxury tents are actually a local business in Kelowna, you can check them out at Luxe Camp Okanagan . As you look at the pictures throughout this post, you're going to think it looks stunning, but I can assure you that it was even more incredible in person. Something that you can't see in pictures is the ambience, thanks to Mabaleka Music we had those relaxing, fall vibes the whole night. 

Once we got down to the orchard, we then did some cider tastings. I'm personally not a beer drinker, but I love cider, so tasting all the different flavours was amazing, and all the fruit comes from local orchards! We got to try a range of fun ciders while taking in the beautiful views around us, it was truly something else!

After the cider tastings, we got to listen to some of the history behind apple orchards and growing in the Okanagan. It was amazing to learn how much hard work and dedication goes into growing the highest quality of fruit plus how important it is to buy local and support all the local growers!

Since we're all bloggers, we got lots of time to wonder the orchard and create some content with the amazing photographer on side @PaulinaStevens, so obviously knowing us influencers, we went crazy overboard with the pictures and boomerangs (if you don't know what a boomerang is, where have you been?).

Then, it was time to sit down at the table to start our five course meal! The food was all made by Chris Shaften and Michael Wilkins from Orchard Room/Krafty Kitchen @orchardroom / @kraftykitbar. It was a super cool experience to be eating this amazing fresh food in the middle of the Hoffman's Apple Orchard.

Course #1 = Tuna Tataki

Paired with an aperol spritz

Course #2 = Gnocchi and Blue Cheese with Poached Pear and Ham Hock

Paired with a peaches and pears cider

Course #3 = Parsnip and Apple Soup

Paired with an apple cider

Course #4 = Pork Belly

Paired with an apples and hops cider

Course #5 = Apple Cider Inspired Dessert

Paired with an old fashioned

Okay, so my mouth is watering right now as I'm writing this post, the food was so good! All the dishes made all had some kind of association of apples in them, and I thought that was a really nice touch to the whole event, that the theme was consistent with everything! After we ate, we chatted somewhere and then we got some amazing goody bags with lots of cool stuff! We each got a growler, a swell water bottle, some apple/pear jam, a gift card to the orchard room and some Okanagan Lifestyle apparel! It was amazing! The whole event was such a success and I wish you could relive the event with me through this post because it truly was amazing. The end of the evening was a great time for all of us to chat and catch up with each other after an evening full of learning about the orchard and eating some great food!


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