March 4, 2021

12 Binge-Worthy Netflix TV Shows for College Students

Hello all of my little quarantinis! Since we've all been in self-isolation I've been watching A LOT of Netflix and I always love hearing what other people are watching and so here's my little list of shows I've watched and loved! Please feel free to leave your recommendations in the comments if you have any! Since I'm a psychology major, I'm a little too in love with crime/law/thriller shows, but I do need my ounce of comedy from time to time as well. So here we go!

This post is all about netflix shows.


I've watched this show fully through twice now, it's that good. It's based around a woman named Olivia Pope who is a lawyer, but she has her own crisis management firm. This show (although fictional) helped me understand some of the many things that go on behind in the scenes of the White House and elections and all of that. Prepare for drama, plot-twists, and a bad-ass female protagonist in this show, it's crazy good.


Schitt's Creek

If you haven't seen this, you're in for a good couple hundred belly laughs in the near future. This show is about a filthy-rich family of four who one day has all of their money stolen from them and the thief only left the ownership rights of a town that they bought (as a joke) called Schitt's Creek that the father bought his son for his birthday as a huge joke, and now it was the only thing they have left. So, this family with two spoiled-rich kids have to move to this minimalist, small-town until they can get back on their feet.



Of course you probably remember this situation in real-life, but this documentary is very well done at depicting exactly what happened and where there might be some controversy over what happened in Waco, Texas. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, in 1993 there was a 51 day long stand-off between the FBI and a group of people that may be considered a 'cult' which ended very tragically. I'm not a huge 'history' person per say, but this limited series was very interesting and well done.

Dead to Me

This series is about a woman who loses her husband to a reckless driver who hit him while he was jogging at night and left the scene. When this woman goes to a grief group, she meets a new friend who is also grieving a loss and they become close friends. But as the woman starts to try and connect the dots to her husband's hit-and-run murder, she finds out a life-altering secret about her friend she met in grief-group. I don't want to say too much that I give it away! But this is definitely a must-watch!

The Office

I honestly did not know what all the hype was about, so I decided to watch this pretty recently as I was in quarantine (I know I'm late to the party) and oh my gosh, it's the funniest show I've ever seen. This 8 season series is full of quirky office drama and jokes full of one liners and weird friendships/relationships, I can't get enough of it!


Black Mirror

This show is a mind-twister. Every episode is completely independent of the other with different cast and story-line so you can watch episodes out of order if you want to. The episodes all have one common theme of futuristic technology and crazy plot-twists! The episodes are long and crazy so I'd recommend taking this show slowly rather than binging it, but it's super super interesting!


Life in Pieces

This is one of my favourite shows to introduce to people! The storyline is based on a big family and the short episodes are split up into 4 relatable family stories. There's only a few seasons of this series, but every episode is a knee-slapper!

Grey's Anatomy

How could I not include this one?! My all-time favourite series to binge! This series follows a group of surgeons starting out in Seattle Grace Hospital. The character development in this series is so well-done, I feel like I know the characters personally. I also feel like I learned a lot of medical terminology by watching 16 seasons of surgeries LOL! But, get ready for all of your favourite people to almost die or die at some point ahh!


This series is about a group of con-artists where they immerse themselves to the lives of their targets, who are rich and easily-fooled, and take all of their money/assets. Specifically, one of the con-artists makes men/women fall in love with her and get married over the course of a few months and then run with the money. But then a couple of the individuals who were scammed find each other and team up to hunt this girl down and get their money back.


Designated Survivor

This series is a bit older, but it's about a man who is low on the white-house totem poll and is asked to be the designated survivor during one of their cabinet meetings. A designated survivor is someone who is asked to be in a different location on a video call during the meeting in case of something happening in the building where the president and the rest of the cabinet are, the designated survivor would become president in the rare case of everyone dying in that room. In this series, someone blows up the capital and kills everyone in the building during the cabinet meeting and this low-ranked White House minister becomes president to a scared and angry America. It's truly an amazing series and focuses half the time on the FBI investigation into who blew up the capital and half the time at the White House with the new president (the designated survivor).


Tiger King

I feel like this series is an acquired taste; half of the people love it, have hate it. It's about the on-going feud between big cat (Tiger) owners. The feud is between Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin about the treatment and breeding of the Tigers. There's lots of drama and stories throughout this documentary style limited series. I will warn that the language in this series can be inappropriate at times and there's a very sad suicide as well, so be cautious of these types of triggers before watching.


The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

You might remember this from the news a while ago, but this documentary goes through the sad and twisted disappearance of a young girl named Madeleine McCann from her bed at a resort in a touristy region of Portugal. The 3 year old girl disappeared from their hotel room which was just 100 yards away from her parents and friends who were enjoying drinks while she was kidnapped. The documentary talked about how the media and the investigation played a role in searching for the girl.



Well there you have it! I'll be starting to post more frequently on my blog, so stay tuned for more posts in the coming weeks. Thanks for reading and Happy Netflixing!