March 16, 2021

Pantry Organization Ideas On A Budget

This pantry organization project was a super fun way to satisfy my perfectionist tendencies! There is nothing more calming than walking into my pantry every day and seeing it completely organized. Having a pantry was a non-negotiable when we were looking for houses, but I never realized how much we would love having one! We've been in our home for about five months now and we feel pretty settled in, so I decided it was time to give our pantry a little TLC. When we fist moved, we were just sort of throwing everything into the pantry with no system or organization. The before and after pictures of the pantry will show you! As a college student, you obviously don't want to spend a hand and a leg to make your pantry look good, but I've been able to do it on a pretty decent budget. So if you're feeling the same as I was about your pantry, what are you waiting for?! I've loaded this blog post with all the pantry organization ideas, links and tips/tricks to make it happen!

This post is all about pantry organization ideas.

Plan Everything Out First

This is seriously so important or else you'll end up with too many bins and organization containers and things don't fit, etc. Be sure to measure how tall the bins can be and how many bins will fit on each shelf. You can plan it out a number of ways, but for me, I just drew it out on a paper and filled in the measurements. It's also good to wait a few months of living in your house to see how you use your pantry. Over time, you realize what you use most and what you use least which helps when you're organizing everything. For example, if you have cereal every morning, you want to make sure the cereal is in an easy and accessible spot since you use it every day!

Use Different Textures and Colours For Bins

After you have a rough idea of what you'll need for your pantry, now you can look for organization bins! Of course the container store has some aesthetic-looking bins that I thought were so perfect for my pantry. I decided to go with some white bins to make it bright and also some wicker material bins to add some texture.

You can purchase the white bins HERE for $3.80 each

You can purchase the wicker/hyacinth bins HERE for $12.99 each

There are different sizes you can buy in each bin at the container store, but I cannot stress this enough...make sure you measure out everything in your pantry before ordering! When your bins arrive, this is a perfect time to get everything out of your pantry and throw out anything that's expired or that you know you'll never eat. During this rare time when your pantry is empty, clean it! Once your pantry is ready, start organizing section-by-section with your bins and watch your pantry transform!

Add Other Functional Pantry Organization Tools

The Lazy Susan

You can purchase HERE for $12.00

To really make your pantry functional and aesthetic, I would definitely recommend adding some additional tools to make your trips to the pantry easy and painless! I was introduced to an amazing invention (the lazy susan) while I was in my planning phase of my pantry! If you don't have one of these already, you need these in your pantry and your fridge! It's the ultimate tool for functionality!

Clear Glass Jars

You can purchase HERE for $16.50

You definitely would not want all of your storage bins to be clear, but I decided to add a clear glass jar for my flour and I'm thinking of adding another for my sugar! I think it adds some more texture and variety for your pantry! These glass jars are actually super functional too! Scooping flour directly out of the bag is always so messy, but in the jar, it has a large opening so scooping out flour doesn't make a mess!

Can Organizers

You can purchase HERE for $10.00

Everyone has the daunting corner of your pantry with all of their canned goods. When I cleaned out my pantry, I found a bunch of soups and other cans that I totally forgot about. So, instead of putting all of the cans in a white or wicker bin where I couldn't see them, I decided to get one of these can organizers that have elevated steps up so I can see all of my cans and not just the ones in the front! I loved the one I got for my cans so much that I got a second one for all of our vitamins in our pantry!

Cereal Canisters

You can purchase HERE for $11.00

As I said earlier, you want your pantry to be aesthetic, but also functional. My boyfriend loves to eat cereal, so I made a little corner of the pantry with two of his favourite cereals in the cereal canisters. Cereal boxes are not the most aesthetic, but the cereal itself is! So displaying the cereal in clear canisters is a great way to keep them in your pantry. The canisters I got hold a lot of cereal and actually keep the cereal good for longer since the lids are sealed!

Overstock Organization

You can purchase HERE for $30.00

If you're like us, we love to do our monthly Costco runs to buy in bulk since it's overall cheaper per item, so it's important to make the space for any overstock you buy. I put a large bin of overstock food on the top shelf of our pantry and on the floor of the pantry I bought two large/deep wicker bins to put overstock drink cans in (coolers, beer, etc). This strategy is also very functional, I highly recommend planning out where everything in your pantry is going to go before you put the bins in!

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This post is all about pantry organization ideas.