January 23, 2021

Personalized Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so I've gathered some of the best gifts to get your significant other! I think it's important to celebrate love, and this doesn't have to be love for a boyfriend or girlfriend, it can be love for yourself too. So even if you're single for Valentine's Day, splurge on yourself a little, you deserve it! If you're in a relationship, this holiday is a fun excuse to spoil them with a gift that's not only awesome, but also thoughtful and personalized.


Purchase here at: theirscent.com / @theirscent

Theirscent is the newest candle company to hit the shelves, or the web in this case. What exactly sets this new venture apart from the rest? There are no collections, no stock, no pre made scents to fill your atmosphere, just raw materials. Everything that comes from the kitchens at Theirscent is custom blended, hand poured, packaged and shipped right from its home in Vancouver BC.

Being the world's first completely customizable candle company has come with its own unique set of challenges but Theirscent has adapted their process to deliver ridiculously accurate scents that work to emulate everything from your boyfriend’s cologne to the smell of your parents old lakehouse that you remember,  so fondly of.

Their release has been pioneered by four distinct candles; the boyfriend candle, the girlfriend candle, the best friend candle and the memory candle. Each one provides an all natural soy wax base to build your scent profile and at only $34.75 these candles top our list for the “best bang for your buck”.

Theirscent has made the work of customizing your own candle as easy as three steps. Deciding who the candle is for (yourself or a gift), deciding what you want the candle to smell like (they give you 4 base options to build on) and then a space to describe exactly what you want the candle to emulate (a perfume or a cologne etc.). The form takes you through the billing process and then your new candle is on its way to you in 2-4 days.

If you're into candles as much as we are and you want to take advantage of their grand opening sale, get over to theirscent.com and order your custom candle for just $27.80 for a limited time only.


You can purchase here: greaterskies.com / @greaterskies

This unique and personalized gift is a snapshot of the stars on any specific date. This date could be your anniversary, the night you met, or any night something really special happened. You can customize everything on the print, where you can even write your own blurb at the bottom to make it extra personalized.

Depending on the date that was chosen, your sky map will show the past or the future. In all cases, you will see:

  • All the stars that could be seen in the sky, or will be seen in the sky, over that place at that time. Well, in fact, the map shows 7,000 to 8,000 stars, depending on the coordinates, many more than can be seen by the naked eye. You may notice that then star colours vary: this is not just to look nice. The colour matches the light emitted by the star.
  • The Sun, the Moon and all the Solar system planets that were or will be visible. All of them are precisely located around the ecliptic , represented by the green line.
  • The constellations , if that option was turned on when the map was created. Some customers prefer a clean sky, so we leave this choice to each person.
  • The exact coordinates our program used to generate the map: latitude and longitude, date and time.
  • A personal message may appear below the sky map, typed in by the person who ordered it.

The Adventure Challenge: Couple's Edition

You can purchase here: theadventurechallenge.com

With this book as your guide, you and your significant other will grow in new levels of your relationship through adventures and experiences you will never forget. The catch? Your adventure is a mystery until you scratch off a challenge. It’s like scratching a lottery ticket but you win each time! Whether you’re cooking a delicious apple pie (blindfolded), re-creating your grandparents' very first date, or painting a masterpiece on a unique canvas… you will find spontaneity, romance, and zest in your relationship as your adventure challenges unfold.

Once it's scratched off, you HAVE to do it. It's time to discover something new about yourself. Simply choose a category together, then scratch off your adventure!

Hint: There's a time and money guide over each box to help you decide.

Don't forget to take a picture and journal your experience! When you finish, you'll have a keepsake to look back on.

Custom Portrait

You can purchase here: HappyMomentsArt

This is such a special gift for Valentine's Day! This Etsy seller does this awesome portraits and sends you a digital file so that you can print it out and put it in a frame of any size! This gift allows you to look at this memory forever wherever you put it in your home. The best gifts are the ones that take you back to a moment over and over again (it's the gift that keeps on giving!).

All you have to do is send the artist a picture of your family and you can even request certain things like having the couple holding hands! She creates the piece of art and sends it to you in digital format! This is a gift your significant other will definitely love!

Couples Mug

You can purchase here: LuckyHarperShop

This is such a cute Valentine's Day gift that is actually functional that you and your partner will use quite often! Every mug is crafted with top inks and sublimation printer, then used in a heat press machine to keep the image on the mug vividly and permanently, the transferred image will not fade, peel away or scratch off. You can custom as you want, such as people's quantities and any quotes and so on, please write your custom details in personalization frame or Note To Me!

This thoughtful yet functional gift is perfect for the coffee or tea lover and adds a little extra love to morning coffee together!