March 1, 2021

Trendy Summer Outfits You Need Now That It’s Getting Warmer Again

The weather is getting nicer and warmer, so it's time to update your closet with some new outfits! Summer is by far the best season, there is SO much to do from camping, boating, suntanning to drive-in movies, and patios! Depending on the state of the world, there may even be events like concerts and parties to go to (wishful thinking, but a girl can dream!). As a college student, I don't buy anything too expensive, so summer outfits on a budget is my go-to! Bike shorts are a new trend that I'm loving because of the comfort and I also love dresses since they're comfortable, flowy, and cute!

This post is all about summer outfits.

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This is seriously the perfect dress for summer since you can make it formal with a nice pair of heels or you could wear it with a cute jean jacket and wear it casually to a BBQ or dinner! The pink/coral colour is so trendy for 2021 and the unique ruffle look will totally catch some eyes!

Purchase HERE for $30.00

Okay this dress is unbelievably trendy from the shape of it to the pastel green colour. If you're rocking a nice tan this summer, this pastel green will totally make your tan pop. It's trendy and comfortable, what more do you need in a summer outfit?

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This cute tee that says "bee kind" is the perfect look for any summer day with some jean shorts. Bees are so important to our environment, so if your apart of the "Save the Bees" movement and you want to look cute, this yellow tee is just what you need this summer.

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If you have blue eyes, this dress will make them pop! But even if you don't, this sea blue dress is a great colour for summer! You could also wear this dress with some tall cowgirl boots and make it a western look!

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Some people feel biker shorts are a controversial fashion statement, but I LOVE this trend. Any trend that's comfy. trendy, and affordable is something I can't turn down! I'm loving active wear outfits right now! These black biker shorts can be worn with any short or crop, so every gal definitely needs a pair!

Purchase HERE for $25.00

This comfy set is so affordable and is super comfy! It's the perfect summer outfit to wear around the house on a hot summer day or to a casual BBQ! I live for these cozy neutral tones!

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Still comfy, this dress is a little longer and is so magical and flowy! This dress would definitely be worn more formally like for date night or brunch with the girls on a patio somewhere! The colour screams Summer and you could finish the look with a nude lipstick!

Purchase HERE for $7.00

You know how much I love biker shorts, so of course you also need them in cheetah print! Cheetah print makes any comfy look automatically more trendy and cute! So if you're looking for comfort and cute, you need these in your closet!

Purchase HERE for $24.60

The jumpsuit is probably the fanciest outfit on here out of all the summer outfits, but I had to include it! This is the perfect outfit to wear on a patio for dinner or to a fancier get together in the summer! If you know it'll be windy somewhere, it's best to wear a jumpsuit rather than a dress so you avoid any accidents!

Purchase HERE for $23.00

Last but not least, this super trendy pastel pink dress is everything! Again, you could make this into a super cute western look with cowgirl boots and a cowgirl hat or it could be formal if you wore nice shoes with it!

I don't know about you, but I am SO excited for summer outfit season! Flowy dresses and warm weather is my happy place. Get your summer outfits now before everyone is buying them, this stuff sells out so quickly! Enjoy!