December 17, 2020

The Best Christmas Movies on Netflix Right Now

The holidays are here and that means it's time for cringy, predictable, yet highly addictive romantic-comedy Christmas movies! So, of course, I compiled my favourite movies that Netflix has put out for us to enjoy this holiday season. Although it may be difficult, it's always fun to see if you can beg your boyfriend or husband to watch these movies with you, but if you can't, these are all great to watch on your own or with your girl friends! Now, let's begin!

Cinderella Story (Christmas Wish)

I thought this movie was really cute and clever how it went off of the original story of Cinderella but with a more modern and holiday twist. It’s definitely a romantic comedy type of Christmas movie where the plot is centred around love and miracles (much like Cinderella). It might not be a movie you can convince your boyfriend or hubby to watch, but it could be great for a girls night! 

Four Christmases 

This movie has so many familiar faces in it like Vince Vaughn and Reece Witherspoon and as you can probably guess, it was such a funny movie! It’s basically about a couple who unexpectedly spends Christmas with their families, but since both their parents are divorced, they hit all four households to celebrate Christmas! Definitely one of my favourite Christmas movies to watch with your S/O!

Christmas Wedding Planner 

This Netflix Christmas rom com was a huge hit last year, and is back for the 2020 holidays! This is your stereotypical Christmas movie, but more romantic than comedy in my opinion! But if you know me, you know that I’m a huge sucker for movies like this! A private investigator catches the eye of a woman planning a wedding for her cousin, and I’m sure you can all guess how it ends, but it’s still a super cute and well done Christmas movie by Netflix, yet again!

The Christmas Inheritance

This one was your typical rom com Christmas movie! It’s basically about this girl who will be inheriting a multi-million dollar company and has that “rich girl” attitude from NYC and she is told to go visit where the whole company started. The movie goes through her experiences meeting the people in the cute, quaint town of Snow Falls. I loved the way they showed the small town vibe and atmosphere and how much there is to learn from a small town with their traditions and generosity between people within the community. I overall loved this movie, it’s definitely one your man might love to watch with you as well! Gave me all the Christmas feels!

Christmas with the Kranks 

This is a classic Christmas movie that you just watch every year because it’s just that good! This movie has lots of great comedy and I personally loved it because it illustrates that exciting feeling of coming home to your family for Christmas as a young adult. This movie is definitely one you could put on around kids as well, it's a funny one for sure!


This movie has been the talk on social media for this year as the holiday movie of the season. So automatically, I had to watch it! Many people said it lacked a story line, but I actually enjoyed this christmas movie. I thought the movie had quirky humour and capitalized on the new phenomena of having a holidate (I’m sure you can thank millennials for this one lol). The only thing I didn’t love about this movie is the take-home message that people “need” to be with someone for the holidays. I definitely don’t agree with this, I think people can be extremely happy and healthy on their own. But other than that, I thought the movie was hilarious and gave me all the festive feels! 

A Very Country Christmas

I was expecting this movie to knock my socks off because country and Christmas are two of my favourite things! But, I was not super impressed with it unfortunately. I felt that it definitely underdelivered. It had a bit of a weak story line, but the actors did do a great job with the roles they were playing. Definitely not my favourite movie of the Christmas season, but it still gives you all the cozy, country Christmas feels which I did love!

Operation Christmas Drop

This was a really cute movie and was new to Netflix this Christmas season! I thought the it had a unique concept for a Christmas Movie and you may recognize "Bonnie" from Vampire Diaries as the main actress in this one. I love seeing great familiar faces like that in Christmas movies! The movie is surrounding an operation to drop christmas gifts off to different islands and as it's being threatened to shut down, a Christmas miracle might just happen to allow the operation to continue! I highly recommend this one, it gets you in the Christmas spirit but is also way less cliche then the rest of the movies!

There you have it! Get into the Christmas spirit this weekend with one or two or all of these movies while drinking hot cocoa and curled up in a cozy blanket! I'm beyond excited for Christmas to be around the corner, and since I'm finally finished my exams and term papers, I can truly look forward to it!

Merry Christmas!