February 5, 2021

Valentines Day Date Ideas At Home

Valentines Day Date Ideas At Home

During these very different times, going out for a romantic dinner at a restaurant is off the table, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun and romantic Valentine’s Day with your partner. Logan and I are trying to figure out how to spend the special day, so as I brainstorm I thought I’d write all of my ideas down for this blog post. 

Dress Up & Make A Fancy Dinner

Just because you can’t physically go to a restaurant doesn’t mean you can’t have a romantic, candle-lit dinner. Prepare a meal you both love, set the table nicely, light some candles, get dressed up and have dinner in your own residence. A key part to this date night is that both of are engaged in conversation with each other so all screens should be off and phones should be put away to get the most out of this date night. 

Take-Out & a Movie Marathon 

If you and your S/O are looking for a more of a relaxing night, ordering in take out from your favourite restaurant still gives you the great food but with more of a cozier twist. This also helps support the restaurants who will definitely appreciate your business. If you can, order straight from the restaurant rather than a third party delivery service (UberEats, DoorDash, SkipTheDishes, etc.), it gives the restaurant all of the profits rather than giving up to 30% to the delivery service for your order. Set up your takeout on the couch, get cozy in your pyjamas, begin your movie marathon or whatever you're wanting to watch!

Wine & Paint Night

Go to the dollar store and pick up some blank canvases and some paint and maybe some snacks! Then grab your favourite wine or beverage of choice and you have yourself a fun date night! You can either order in take-out or make dinner together and see what masterpieces you create! This is a cheap, but unique way to enjoy a Valentine’s Day at home! 

Spa Night In

Get some face masks at the drugstore and go through your bathroom cabinets to find all of the self care products you can find. Put on robes, slice up some cucumbers for your eyes and relax together. This is great for couples who need the night for some relaxation. You can also pair this spa night with a movie you both love!

Plan & Cook a New Meal Together

Get onto Pinterest and find a recipe for a meal you both think look good and try it out! Go to the grocery store together to pick out the ingredients and cook this new gourmet meal together. If it turns out good, then you have a new dish you’ve just discovered and if it turns out bad, you can always order pizza and still have a great night with a good laugh!

Unplug Date Night

Make a pact to put all technology and screens out of sight for the night. This means the tv, your phones, your laptop, anything with a screen. Try living like people before us did without all the technology we have today, so it’s just the two of you connecting. Play some board games, have meaningful conversations, do a face mask and have some fun without the technology that surrounds us today.

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Break out the photo albums and flash drives and go through some old photos and videos together. To make it extra fun, contact both of your parents and see if you can get your hands on some photos/videos from when you guys were just kids! 

Happy Valentine's Day!